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Recipe By: 
Ben Milbourne
Cooking Time: 
20 Minutes


2 baby ocean trout, cleaned

1 bunch picked coriander

1 small knob of ginger finely sliced

1 cheek of lemon

1 chilli finely sliced



2 tablespoons ketchup manis

1 lemon juiced

1 pinch salt

1 drizzle flavoured oil


Step 1 Fill the cavity of the fish with the coriander, ginger, lemon and chill.


Step 2 Combine the basting ingredients. Baste the outside of the fish with the basting marinade.


Step 3 Place the fish into a fish press/sandwich grill and place into the smouldering coals of the Ozpig. Cook for around 6-8 minutes on each side basting one more time before service.


Serve with coriander.

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