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Tips: Piercing side of the beef or Loin of pork with a skewer will make it easier to attach to metal rod.

Cooking Time -  Allow 1 ½ to 3hrs (making sure that the chicken/meat is evenly placed on the bar) 

The Rotisserie can be used above a moderate fire or above the heat-bead basket. 

If  you want  to use the rotisserie as soon as the fire is lit.  We recommend that you cover the food with foil for the 1st 10 minutes.   If using heat beads, please make sure that the beads have “turned” in colour (ash white).

Assunta’s tip:You will know if the chook is cooked if you perse the inner thigh with a knife.  The juice will be clear if cooked.  Wrap the food in foil & allow to rest for 5-10 minutes

To flavour the chicken / other meat:

  1. Spread with oil or butter & lightly sprinkle with sweet paprika
  2. Secure slices of bacon with tooth pricks & whilst cooking  baste with a little fresh Orange Juice
  3. Cover the meat with a marinade of Oil-Soya-sauce & honey
  4. Spread beef or chicken with flavoured grain mustard – strips of bacon secured with tooth picks
  5. Adding spears of rosemary to the coals will give added flavour to your food
  6. Wash & cut to serving size... pieces of potato/sweet potato & pumpkin.... wrapped in foil & placed on top of the grill plate (turn to allow even cooking)

Tip:If cooking with timber the vegetables can be added to the coals

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