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Lighting your Ozpig - Getting fire into your Belly!

Firstly, we know you want to do the right thing – so please check that you are allowed to light a fire where you are camping. And don’t even think about using your Ozpig until it is fully assembled. Remember – safety comes first!

  1. Make sure your Ozpig is set up in a level position before you start. Remove any leftover ash in the belly. Then make sure you have -
  • Kindling – dry firewood cut to pieces no thicker than 50mm diameter & 280mm long (about the size of a soft drink can)
  • Newspaper or Fire Starters (if required)
  • Matches/lighter
  1. Scrunch the newspaper into loose balls and place into the belly (if the paper/wood is damp, place a fire starter in each ball of newspaper). Build a ‘tepee’ over the newspaper in an A frame style.
  2. At this stage keep the front door wide open, the top plate swivelled to the side and the diffuser over the top opening - to prevent cinders escaping.
  3. Light the newspaper and as the kindling burns, slowly add more firewood until you have a good coal base.
  4. With your fire established (burning well and getting hot) move your hot plate back into position – and you’re ready to cook! If necessary leave a gap behind the plate give the fire some air.
  5. Stoke with extra wood to keep the fire alive and smoke free.
  6. Let everyone present know that the Ozpig is hot, hot, hot – and never leave it unattended.

SAFETY TIP: Do yourself a favour and keep a bucket of water on hand.

Quit smoking

Smoke and fire goes hand in hand – but only when staring up your Ozpig. Air is necessary to get the fire going, so open the door and keep the top plate off until the fire is established. Feel free to add thicker bits of wood when you have a good bed of flames – then replace the top plate or diffuser. To keep the fire in the Ozpig belly – and prevent smoking - some oxygen is necessary. So keep the door open a little or invest in the optional Vented Door which maintains airflow even when closed.

Fire up your cooking skills

Flaming hot!

Harness the heat of the flames by placing a large pan or wok directly over the flames. It’s a great way to cook up a big breakfast or to deep fry your catch of the day! Or feed the hungry hordes with a camp oven meal with all the trimmings – a roast and veggies or a hearty casserole and rice. Then utilise the warming tray for slower cooking or to keep your meal piping hot.

Camp Oven Cooking

To keep your Camp Oven bubbling away on the warming plate, make sure it’s always in direct contact with the side of the Ozpig - and rotate it regularly for even cooking.

Take control with a Diffuser (optional accessory)

Getting the heat just right for your cooking is easy with the diffuser which sits snugly on top of the flame and under your pots. Use it to adjust the heating temperature or to reduce a pot to a simmer. You can also throw bread or a crumpet on top for even toasting.

Anyone for pizza?

Choose your toppings and get creative. Just heat the barbecue plate using heat beads over a steady flame or a bed of hot coals. Cut baking paper to size, spray lightly with cooking oil, place your prepared pizza on top and cover with an upside down wok. Instant pizza oven!

Packing the pig

Play it safe and remove any hot ash or coals very carefully. Then cool your heels until your Ozpig is cool too - before stowing it or storing it.

Care and Maintenance

Treat your Ozpig right by following these simple steps:

  • Regularly coat the outside of the chamber with a light coat of oil (we recommend flaxseed oil) to prevent light surface rust – especially if it’s outdoors for extended periods. We also advise regularly coating all chimney parts with oil using a soft cloth or paper towel. Do this whilst the pig is still warm – but not hot!
  • If your Ozpig is going to live outdoors cover it up once it is cold. One of our most popular accessories is our custom made cover.
  • If light rust does appear, this can easily be removed by scrubbing with a wire brush and lightly sanding the unit with sandpaper. Wipe clean and repaint with Pot Belly Black.
  • Caution: Go easy - avoid abrasive cleaners which will damage the finish on your Ozpig.
  • Regularly remove ash build from up under the internal fire grate before lighting the Ozpig.