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Don't let the cold get you!

The Ozpig range is the ultimate in outdoor heating! Engineered not only for maximum heat but also doubling as the king of outdoor wood-fired grills! The unique open-door design of the Ozpig Series 2 & Big Pig directs unbelievable heat out towards you, unlike traditional heaters that lose heat upward into the atmosphere. Fire up the belly of the Ozpig and sit back taking in an incredible amount of warmth whilst your feast is roasting, searing, baking, grilling or smoking away right on top. With a customisable chimney stack, the smoke is directed away and the spark arrestor ensures no embers escape out the top. Enjoy the fire in safety while you sit around enjoying the company of those closest. Transform the way you entertain outdoors with the Ozpig range!

Transform your outdoor space

Don't pack up and head inside this winter! Everyone loves to sit around a  fire, tell and hear stories, and enjoy great food. Whether it's in the backyard or out in the bush, you’ll find the Ozpig is always the centre of attention, with its 360-degree heating, throwing out plenty of heat on chilly nights. Our fuel-efficient wood fire stove and heaters are a wonderful way to spend more time entertaining outdoors.

Endless Cooking Possibilities 

Create mouth-watering meals on the Ozpig Series 2 and Big Pig and enjoy them around the fire after! From the Oven Smoker attachment, to chargrill plates, flat irons, wok cooking and rotisseries, the versatility and range of cooking options is truly endless.

Wood Fire Ambience

There's nothing like sitting around a warm crackling fire and enjoying the ambience a wood fire brings. Simply load up the Ozpig with timber, sit back with friends and family and let the good times roll.

Fuel Efficient

Worry less about how much wood you need, and more about relaxing by the fire. The Ozpig burns efficiently from a range of fuels including scavenged wood, bagged firewood and briquettes.

Environmentally Friendly

With rising gas and electricity costs, choose wood as your heat source and cut down greenhouse gas emissions today! Wood fires are a low cost and low carbon way to heat your surroundings.

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Product Specification Table

SpecificationTravellerSeries 2Big Pig
(ground to top of chimney)
(ground to cooking surface)
(side to side)
Cooking Surface35cm x 25cm 
BBQ Plate
26cm diameter round plate &
34cm x 24cm large plate
49cm x 21cm
Removable stove top
Door Opening26cm Diameter26cm Diameter41cm x 16cm 
Chimney Length3 x 350mm pieces3 x 300mm pieces3 x 450mm pieces
Chimney Diameter58mm58mm75mm

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An Aussie Story

The Ozpig is the clever Aussie invention created by the Shepherd family whose passion for great food and time spent with friends and family bought the concept to life, with a focus on real fire, real flavour and real heat. The Ozpig is more than just a grill. This is the ultimate in outdoor cooking and heating. 

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