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Heat pot to a moderate to high heat. Add the oil and carefully
add the beef and season. Brown off the beef and then add the
coriander, cumin, dried chilli, long red chilli, smoked paprika,
garlic, onion, basil and coriander. Stir thoroughly and ensure
that the beef is nicely coated in the seasoning and spice mix.
Now you can add the peppers, chickpeas, tomato passata and the
stock (or water).

Simmer for 5 around minutes, and then add your spaghetti that
you have already broken up into small pieces. Cook for ten to
fifteen minutes, or until the pasta is perfectly al dente. Take care not
to overcook the pasta, as it will make the dish gluggy and heavy

Serve with crusty bread and a nice bottle of red!


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