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Temperature Guide

We recommend running the Oven Smoker temperature at between 120C-150C (250-300F) for low and slow indirect cooking using the water pan and baffle plate. Finished internal temperatures and cooking times for low n slow cuts such as ribs and brisket etc is a guide only. The best way to test if a low n slow cut is cooked correctly, is to probe it with a skewer. When the skewer pushes into the meat all over with no resistance, only then is it finished cooking. For pulled meats test by using a skewer and cook until the meat is starting to fall apart.


Use highly marbled cuts for pulled beef such as chuck, oyster blade, brisket and shank.

CutInternal TempResting TimeTotal Cooking Time
Brisket 93-98c 1 hour minimum8-12 hours,
 probe to tender
Beef Ribs
93-98c1 hour minimum6-9 hours,
probe to tender
Beef CheeksProbe
1 hour minimum6-7 hours,
probe to tender**
Pulled BeefFalling
1 hour minimum8-12
Steak -
Reverse Sear*
10 minutes60-90

*Reverse sear steak, slow smoke until 5 degrees Celsius below your favourite steak cooking temp ie: medium rare, medium, well done etc. Rest for 10 minutes then sear over hot fire, coals or grill.

**3 hours smoked then braised until probe to tender.


We recommend cooking chicken at traditional roasting temperatures 180c. Low temp cooked chicken skin can be rubbery and chewy.

CutInternal TempResting TimeTotal Cooking Time
Whole Chicken74c15 minutes1 hour per kg
Wings & Legs
74c10 minutes40 - 60 minutes


Fatty cuts such as shoulder are best for slow cooked pulled lamb, cuts such as a leg are best for traditional hot and fast roasting temperatures.

CutInternal TempResting TimeTotal Cooking Time
Pulled Lamb (Shoulder)93-98c1 hour minimum6-8 hours falling apart
Lamb Ribs
N/A30 minutes3-4 hours probe to tender
Roast Lamb (Leg)63c+15 minutes1 hour per kg
Lamb Rack62c+15 minutes1 hour per kg


Choose fatty cuts like neck, Boston butt etc for pulled pork and leaner cuts like leg for hot and fast traditional roasts. Pork belly can be taken a bit higher in temp than a traditional pork roast.

CutInternal TempResting TimeTotal Cooking Time
Pulled Pork (Shoulder)93-98c1 hour minimum8-10 hours
falling apart
Pork Ribs
N/A15 minutes4-6 hours
probe to tender
Pork Leg65-70c15 minutes1 hour per kg
Pork Belly73c15 minutes8-12 hours


Pastrami can be made from corned brisket or corned silverside. Brisket will need a higher finished temp to break

CutInternal TempResting TimeTotal Cooking Time
Pastrami (Brisket) 92c+1 hour minimum8 hours+ probe to tender
Pastrami (Silverside)
82c1 hour minimum4-5 hours

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