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Big Pig Smoker Combo

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The Big Pig Oven Smoker combo

The Big Pig Smoker Combo comes with the Ozpig Big Pig and the Ozpig Oven Smoker attachment. Included in this combo pack includes 1x Stove body, 1 x stove top plate, 2 x cooking port plates, 4 x zinc coated legs, 2 x fire grates, 3x chimney sections, 2 x warming plates, 1 x spark arrestor, a multi-purpose tool (wood poker and plate lift handle), and an instruction manual.

The Oven Smoker attachement includes 1 x Chimney with baffel, 4 x Stainless Steel Racks, 1 x Water Pan, 1 x Thermometer, 1 X Chimney Cap and a detailed insruction manual.

Included in this pack is the Big Pig Oven Smoker adapter plate that allows you to connect the oven smoker to your Big Pig to acheive the best results.

Features like dual zone cooking give you the ability to cook a whole meal on top of the stove, with extra heat for boiling pasta on one side while low heat simmers your sauce on the other. Much like the original Ozpig, you can slow cook dishes on the side plates, taking advantage of radiant heat. This means you can have 4 things on the heat at once, with three times the heat volume and a much larger fire door, making the Big Pig the perfect outdoor home entertainment solution.

Perfect for slow cooking and smoking all your favourite meals, the Ozpig Oven Smoker has been designed with versatility in mind for those who enjoy cooking outdoors. With the ability to to maintain stable temperatures between 100c and 350c, the Ozpig Oven Smoker allows you to cook the perfect BBQ ribs, succulent roast meats or amazing wood-fired pizza.

The Ozpig Oven Smoker works with all types of solid fuel including briquettes, lump coal or timber, making it versatile when firing up and includes adjustable shelving to create endless cooking possibilities.

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